• BA_pride
  • BA_seasons_hirez
  • BA_ManyUses
    Many Uses
  • BA_Hottt
  • BA_DoingTheMath
    Doing the Math
  • BA_florida
  • BA_changes
  • BA_AssCancer
    Ass Cancer
  • BA_AlteriorMotives
    Ulterior Motives
  • BA_allthesame
    All the Same

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Bodega Avenue: Webcomic

A multicultural bilingual web comic co-created with Aurin Squire and Tatiana Suarez-Pico. It followed the adventures of a group of kids living in Park Slope, Brooklyn and discussed issues of gentrification, racial tolorance, LGBTQ rights and recognition, as well as simpler subjects like holidays, and pop culture music and film. The series ran just over 100 issues before ending.

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