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Thing-ama-jugs Logo v.2

Project: Branding; Logo Design & Creation
Client: Heather LaBruna

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About the finish:
Part 2 of the Dr. Seuss inspired logo designed for a breast cancer benefit bike team.
After the overall success of the original Seuss inspired Thingamajugs logo, I was approached by the team to do the second version of their logo. This year they came to me with their own concept going for a more caricature approach to the concept. In the end, the signature fish has become the coach shouting out words of inspiration while the three ladies themselves are now Seussified on a very whimsical bike.

The theme of “jugs” as breasts, while downplayed is still present in the structure of the background elements, the hills and hilltop structures creating the silhouette of breasts as a secondary graphic element to the piece.