black_man_w-_familiars "Black Man w. Familiars - a ghost of a drowned man, & a spirit of violence" cardinal_rainwater Cardinal Powwaw Rainwater monk_w-_skin_growth_on_eyes"Massive mink with skin grown over his eyes" werewolf_w-_black_tentacles"Massive werewolf w. black tentacles sprouting from it's back" alexis_vladislov Alexis Vladislov latino_man_w-_machetes-3"Hispanic man w. military-style haircut, & machettes strapped to his back" normal_woman "Plain-looking white woman"

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Accord Character Designs

Character illustrations

Seven character illustrations commissioned for the NYC White Wolf Accord LARP. March game. Two were based on characters played by members of the organization while the others are original designs based off a description from the client.