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Story 1st Games

Logo Design for the video game design company startup, Story 1st Games

Set 1: Variations on the vertical logo design
A Though originally conceived with the castle in the background, I wanted to demonstrate the ability to use the book logo as-is with row one. I also used it to test three different text and color treatments.

Set 2: Variations on the vertical logo design B

Using the originally concieved logo to explore the 3 different text and color treatments also shown in Set 1. As a future thought, depending on the genre of the game you are working on, the structure silhouetted in the background could be changed to suit the particular product and or needs of management, keeping it nestled in the clouds.

Set 3: Variations on the horizontal logo design
Exploring several versions of text and color treatments for use with the horizontal logo, along with the 2 variations of the logo illustration with and without castle.