A Day In The Office
I'm Sorry
Pet Project
Bonus: Thanksgiving Postcard
Bonus: Birthday Postcard

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Everyday Monster Series

Everyday Monster was the wonderful creation of a colleague — a lovable fish-out-of-water creature with a sit-com laugh track. The design team members were often tasked with taking on another designer’s character, with the challenge of replicating the character’s essence but adding personal style to the scenario.

A Day in the Office: In this short, the first of the series, Everyday Monster is just trying to get through the typical office work day.

I’m Sorry: This card introduces the character’s partner, who was my concept and design. In this short, Everyday Monster tries to win back his angry love.

Pet Project: In this short, Everyday Monster finds the perfect furry friend.

Bonus Thanksgiving Postcard:A very short animation of the MyFunCards character family sharing a holiday dinner.

Bonus Birthday Postcard:A very short animation where Everyday Monster gets a birthday surprise.

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